Current research

Inflammation: regulatory mechanisms and interactions with nutrition and candidosis


Equipe Desreumaux

Equipe Poulain

Equipe Capron

Equipe Gottrand

Equipe Yazdanpanah

Inserm U995 – School of Medicine

CHRU of Lille, University Lille 2

Head: Pr Pierre Desreumaux

Crohn’s disease/ulcerative colitis/cystic fibrosis/atopic dermatitis are multi-factorial chronic inflammatory diseases involving genetic and environmental factors. For a better understanding of their physiopathology, specific and complementary medical and scientific expertises are required particularly in the field of immunology, bacteriology, mycology and nutrition.

Our research laboratory labeled by both the French Institutre of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) and University Lille 2 is devoted to inflammation and its interaction with Candida albicans and nutrition. Our main activity brings new solutions for patients with chronic intestinal, liver, lung, cutaneous inflammation and Candida infection.

To optimize translational research and the relationship between scientists, clinicians and patients, our lab is located inside the hospital/faculty of medicine of Lille with a close collaboration with the adult and pediatric Clinical and Surgical Departments of Digestive Diseases and Nutrition, the Clinical Department of Dermatology and the Laboratory of Mycology.

The lab located within the hospital of Lille and the Faculty of Medicine belongs to:

- a network on Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Centre Thématique de Recherche et de Soins sur les “Maladies Inflammatoires Intestinales” Director Pierre Desreumaux)

- the Institute of Predictive Medicine and Therapeutic Research (IMPRT / IFR114) and its technical platforms

- the Center of Clinical Investigations (CIC-Lille – Director Pr C Libersa) for clinical research and therapeutic trials in patients and healthy volunteers

We are working with local, national and international pharmaceutical and food companies and we are closed to different French associations of patients (association for IBD AFA, association on coeliaque disease AFDIAG, association for cystic fibrosis VLM…) and network of clinicians (National Eosinophil Network…). Finally, we are collaborating with our Public Utility Foundation DigestScience.

The lab is made of 5 complementary teams:

Equipe 1 (Pierre Desreumaux)

Equipe 2 (Daniel Poulain)

Equipe 3 (Monique Capron)

Equipe 4 (Frédéric Gottrand)

Equipe Avenir (Yazdan Yazdanpanah)


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Team 1: Amphis J&K

Team 2: Huriez- 4ème étage Centre

Team 3: Huriez- 5ème étage Centre

Team 4: Huriez – 5ème étage Est

Team 5: Parc Eurasanté / DigestScience

Team 1 Amphis J&K


Teams 2/3/4 Bât. Huriez


Team 5 Eurasanté